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Cutting Cords To Toxic Relationships

The process of being in a toxic relationship can be really tough. It can break you down and make you suffer more than anything. Fortunately, there are certain ways that help you deal with the situation.  In this article, we are going to talk about the process of cutting cords to toxic relationships and getting...Read More

Can a Codependent Relationship be saved

A codependent relationship is a relationship where one individual is more dependent on the other for support. In codependent relationships, one partner takes complete responsibility for the other person’s happiness. They put their partner’s happiness above their own and do everything they can to keep the other person happy. Sometimes, they do it at the...Read More

Relationship Needs List: How does a relationship last

Human life is full of emotions. Other than the basic needs like food, water, air, and shelter, human beings are attached to emotional needs like affection, joy, sorrow, intimacy, or friendship. To get through these emotions human beings often get into relationships with their opposite gender. But in order to build a healthy relationship, you...Read More

Platonic vs Romantic relationship

The world of romance and romantic relationships can be quite interesting. However, there are times when you may feel confused about your feelings and want to understand your feeling in a better way. One of the most common questions about the subject of romance and relationships are regarding the difference between platonic and romantic relationships....Read More

Why Is Trust Important In A Relationship

Trust is the foundation for any relationship, romantic and otherwise. If you have faith in the other person and remain faithful to them, there is hardly anything that can break your bond.  Without trust, relationships are destined to fail. In this article, you will learn about the importance of trust and how to rebuild it...Read More

What to expect from your relationship at six months

The world of dating has changed exponentially in the past decade. From the right swipes in dating apps to the real dates at cafes and parks, there is a lot to dating than just feeling happy and contended from seeing each other.  Relationships at the milestone of 6 months can be tricky. Many consider the...Read More

Co Parenting While In A Relationship

Do you or your former spouse have a new partner and are worried about co-parenting while being in a relationship. It can be a challenging situation and you have to understand how to deal with it the right way. Seeing your former partner and having to deal with them can be difficult. However, there are...Read More

Relationships as Mirrors: What do you see in your reflection

Relationships show you how you are feeling inside. The energy you give out to the other person in a relationship is the energy that is within you. If you observe carefully, you will find that you can’t have negative feelings towards a person and have them feel good about you. What comes from inside, reflects...Read More

How to use reverse psychology in relationships

Reverse Psychology is an effective tool used to make a person do something by telling them to do the exact opposite. In this technique, if you want someone to do something, you manipulate them by asking them not to do it or by saying they can’t do it at all. Consequently, that person feels an...Read More

Love letter for long distance relationship

They say you never really know the true value of someone or something unless they are taken away. Similarly, you cannot feel the intensity of your love for your partner unless you have been in a long distance relationship. Such is the power of distance that urges you to express your love in the best...Read More