The Rise Of Online Dating Culture In India

The game of online dating in India has gone a level up. With the increase in the number of internet users in India, online dating has become a trend in India. Young and old alike, people have started using online dating sites as social networks for finding love and getting into relationships.

Dating and relationship used to be a totally different ballgame in India in comparison to the Western and European nations. However, this scene has changed a little bit with the coming of the internet. A decade ago, there were hardly any cases of love marriage in India. Dating was an alien concept for the common Indian. People used to get married to strangers and eventually start a family. Love, if at all happened, happened after marriage.

Technology has brought a revolution in many aspects of an average Indian’s life. This is very much true in case of dating and relationship. The Bollywood industry, with its romantic films and soul soothing romantic music, had ingrained the idea of love and dating in the average Indian’s mind.  So, when the internet gained its foothold in India, the average Indian got delighted and started exploring this new arena for matchmaking and relationship. This was the beginning of what was to become a multi-billion industry in this country.

What are the reasons for the popularity of online dating platforms in India?

  • Increased reach of the internet – The world as we know today was not the same before the internet came. With the advent and growth of the internet in India, a lot of things changed in this country. One among these changes was the way people found their partners.
  • Growth of social networking and online dating platforms – As the reach of the internet expanded, a lot of platforms came into existence which could be used to get connected to people. This was how social networks and online dating platforms came into formation.
  • Busy lifestyle – People, in these modern times, are busier than ever before. Look around you. You will probably find people who are always in a rush. What does this mean? Well, this means that these people do not have the time to look for love or relationship. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t want to feel loved and get into a relationship. They just don’t want to commit the time needed to do so. This is where online dating sites come into the picture.
  • Failure of other dating methods – While online dating has been in practice for a few years, there were and there still are other dating methods that people use to find a match. Sadly, these methods don’t always work and a lot of time gets wasted in the process. This is the reason people prefer online dating sites over other dating methods.
  • More options – One of the things that make online dating more preferable is that you get to reach a lot of people at once. You can show your interest in multiple people through these platforms. Getting more reach means getting to find the person who is the most compatible with you.

A country where words like dating and love life where only fit for movies, is now going through a huge paradigm shift because of the endeavour of online dating sites. While dating and relationship are still considered taboo in many parts of India, online dating sites are helping in changing this perspective of people towards love and relationship.

In a country where people still take extreme steps like honour killing, a lot more has to be done to change this perspective of hatred towards love and dating. Love, dating and relationship is still an alien concept to many rural parts of the country. Young boys and girls fear falling in love or getting into relationships thinking about the consequences. Online dating can be the solution to this problem.

The growth of online dating in India is expected to accelerate in the future. With a lot more dating sites in the industry, picking out the right one may get intimidating. Well, if you are interested in a free dating site, Tender Indian could be the one for you. With a vast database of profiles, you are sure to find your perfect match here.

5 Dating Tips To Kickstart Your First Online Date

So, are you ready for this online game of dating? If deciding whether or not to get into online dating was a tug of war for you, these tips are definitely going to clear your doubts. Once you are done reading this article, you will have a clear perspective about dating online and why you should or should not try it.

Here are some of the tips that can make your first experience with online dating worth it. Follow them and you might be on your first real date sooner than you know.

Tip#1. Look for the connection

Human beings are social animals and crave for connection. Online dating gives you the opportunity to get to know people on a superficial level. Build a deeper connection with the person who want to date before getting to the next step. Take your time and make sure that you have a deeper and meaningful connection with the person you are looking forward to have a relationship with. If you do not find the right person to make the connection, keep looking. There’s plenty of fish in the ocean.

Tip#2. Don’t keep playing around

Interestingly, the online dating scene has a lot of people who like to play around and have fun with multiple partners. Many consider it to be the only reason for being part of the dating platform – to play around and have fun. However, if you are serious about dating someone online, you need to stop playing around and focus on knowing more about the person you think you want to date. Having said that, don’t forget to have fun in the process.

Tip#3. Don’t be aggressive

Online dating is about meeting the right person for a relationship. But, it is also for fun. When you are annoyed by someone or you are in a bad mood, do not snap back immediately. You can also choose to take another course of action. This could be as simple as not replying to the person. Why spoil your mood because of someone you come across online? Having a better mood can make you more friendly and you could find that perfect match soon enough.

Tip#4. Be safe

When it comes to online dating, one of the things that we can’t emphasize enough on is the importance of being cautious about sharing your personal information with others. Details like your home address or your personal phone number should not be shared immediately with anyone on dating sites. When you decide to meet the person for real, choose to meet in public places and not their homes. Safety should be your top priority when dating online.

Tip#5. Don’t get involved too fast

A lot of people like to use dating sites as a quick fix for a heartbreak or as an escapade from their mundane lives. Very often than not, these people get involved in affairs real quick. Getting involved in relationships too quick can make you vulnerable. This can just be your recipe for disaster. Take a step back if you sense that the other person is in a haste to get into a relationship. When it comes to finding the best match online, you have to wait for it. That’s how it works most of the time.